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11:34 am DrQueue Feature #156: Switch from processes to threads
I have to disagree. I've been trying to port natively to windows, and this was my initial thoughts as well.
The c...
11:17 am DrQueue Bug #155: Database corruption after creating 1 job and quitting master
I've track the issue down, It will be a little while before I have a solid patch for review.


08:41 am DrQueue Bug #44: Requesting the computer list to the master is too slow
The patch looks ok for me.


12:01 pm DrQueue Task #29: Create generic startup (init.d) scripts
The follow issue will be need to be completed before init scripts will be of any good.
"Make the slave retry conne...


01:52 pm DrQueue Feature #127: Support the mingw compiler
Two major things left before master/slave can be tested natively on windows.
1. Shared memory support
2. Forking of...


02:14 am DrQueue Feature #94: slave should set user ID to owner when running tasks
Can you provide a scenario to illustrate the need for this?
My understanding if we used setgid, it would allow the...


07:24 am DrQueue Bug #133 (Fixed): SCons expects /usr/local to be existing


06:13 am DrQueue Bug #133: SCons expects /usr/local to be existing
Not sure of the correct MAC path, so defaulted to a know location.
05:53 am DrQueue Bug #133: SCons expects /usr/local to be existing
Also on windows the directory will be in a different format.
We could set the default value, based off the OS.


02:47 am DrQueue Task #129 (Fixed): Write a utility function to hide converting to a native path

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