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david johnson, 04/06/2010 06:11 am

Using EC2 with DrQueue


DrQueue provides a solid renderfarm control environment, and Amazon Web Services EC2 provides nodes on demand. It makes sense that the two services should work together and function in such a manner that AWS EC2 can provide an on demand render farm for projects


As it stands at the moment, some basic scripts have are being developed in order to deploy DrQueue in to a EC2 instance and get it up and running. These will be made more public in the near future when a suitable location has been found for them. There is still a manual level of work required which it is felt should be automated in order to reduce any issues with the deployment.

Discussions about this development can be found on (Along with other things).

It should be noted that the scripts are currently going through a redesign phase, so the scripts found on the blogs can be used but at the users own risk.

Long term aim

The long term aim of this work will be to have an EC2 control node in a desk and for an automated process to bring up a full connection to the EC2 environment (possibly involving VPC) and for the jobs to be submitted to the environment with little or no intervention. This is the final aim.