The information on commercial services is located in DrQueueServices or could also be requested by email writting to .

Free Community Based

There are many open resources where you can find support:

  • DrQueue forums
  • DrQueue mailing lists (here) currently offline
  • in case you're using Blender there's a growing community of supporting users so check on your blender community forums. It is highly advised to submit your questions both to your forum and on if you'd like better results.
  • there are many other users in different communities for every rendering engine. Some of them are more active than others. Check on yours, you might found somebody willing to help with your rendering engine or tool. (Also double post on if possible)
  • if all your hope is lost, you can also write directly to me at [mailto:]. I'm really short on time but I'll do my best.

Please try to help others. Any contribution (forums,documentation,code,bugreports,hints,patches,hacks...) will help many more people.