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= Some of the users of DrQueue =

'''If your production or company is not listed here, you can either edit this page to add it yourself or send an email with the information to [mailto:].'''

Companies, Institutions and Professionals * [http://www.nasa.gov/goddard/ NASA Goddard Space Flight Center] * [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] (Linux/IRIX farm running Houdini & other general computation) * [http://www.bren.es/index.php?id_idioma=3 Bren Entertainment] ([http://www.filmax.com/ Filmax] & [http://www.filmaxanimation.com/ Filmax Animation]) * [http://www.sfe.se Swedish Film Effect] * [http://www.avl.iu.edu/?facilities/clusters/index.html Indiana University (Advanced Visualization Lab)] * [http://www.8x.com/ Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc.] * [http://www.crgreen.com/ Christopher R Green] * [http://www.verint.com/ Verint Systems Canada Inc.] * [http://www.newmachinestudios.com/ New Machine Studios] (Mac OS X and Suse Linux Server Farm Running Maya) * [http://www.basecampvfx.com/ Basecamp VFX] * [http://www.leyenda.cl/ Leyenda|VFX Producciones] * [http://binaryiris.com/main/?id=MyMentalRayShaders Alan Jones] (who also provided XSI support and XSI-Splash) * [http://ainkaboot.co.uk/ Ainkaboot Ltd UK] (Clustering solutions) * [http://crave.dbit.in/ CRAVE] ([http://www.dbit.in/ DBIT], Mumbai) * [http://www.digitalgraphics.be Digital Graphics (Belgium)] * [http://www.uwp.edu/departments/art/concentrations.html University of Wisconsin - Parkside (Animation Concentration)] * [http://www.preset.de/ preset.de] (Linux farm running Houdini) * [http://www.hs-wismar.de Hochschule Wismar - University of Technology, Business and Design] * [http://www.themonkstudio.com The Monk Studio, Thailand] (Linux farm running Maya and 3delight) * ''... (Feel free to add your name and url here) ...'' Productions * '''[http://www.elephantsdream.org/ ""Elephants Dream""]''' - (by [http://orange.blender.org Orange Open Movie Project]) * '''[http://www.8x.com/onenight/ ""One night with the King""]''' - (by [http://www.8x.com/ Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc.]) * '''[http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/pirates/ ""Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest""]''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://exorcistthebeginning.warnerbros.com/ ""Exorcist, The Beginning""]''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://www.foxsearchlight.com/beeseason/ ""Bee Season""]''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://www.darkcity.com/ ""Dark City""] (HD DVD)''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://www.harshtimes.com/ ""Harsh Times""]''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/santaclause3/ ""Santa Clause 3""]''' - [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs] * '''[http://www.lefilm.net/vendredi.html ""Friday or another day" / "Vendredi ou un autre jour""]''' - (by [http://www.digitalgraphics.be Digital Graphics (Belgium)]) * '''[http://www.donkeyxote.com/ ""Donkey Xote""]''' - (by [http://www.bren.es/index.php?id_idioma=3 Bren Entertainment]) * '''[http://perez.filmax.com/ ""The Hairy Tooth Fairy""] (Spanish title: [http://perez.filmax.com/ ""Pérez, el ratoncito de tus sueños""]''' - (by [http://www.bren.es/index.php?id_idioma=3 Bren Entertainment]) * '''[http://www.bren.es/index.php?seccion=noticias.php&id_categoria=3&id_subcategoria=16&id_idioma=3&id_noticia=37 ""Nocturna""]''' - (by [http://www.bren.es/index.php?id_idioma=3 Bren Entertainment]) * A slurry of commercials - '''Toyota, Hummer, Nike, Tylenol, Sketchers, Seaworld, Goodyear, and others (by [http://martian-labs.com Martian Labs])'''