Developers / Migration from Subversion to Git

  • we migrated the source code versioning from Subversion to Git
  • this gives us some advantages:
    - easy replication (cloning) of code repositories
    - avoids Subversion server as single point of failure
    - nicer branching and merging
    - more agile development

Available Git repositories

Work with the DrQueue Git sources

  • clone repository:
    git clone
  • list branches:
    git branch -a
  • see status of cloned repo:
    git status
  • see commit log of cloned repo:
    git log

Push commits to a remote branch

  • checkout remote branch:
    git checkout -t remotes/origin/0.64.x
  • do your changes and commit them to your local branch
  • push local branch to remote branch:
    git push origin 0.64.x

Official Git mirror