Compiling / Getting the sources

Release source tarballs

You'll find them at

Latest development tarballs

There are tarballs built after every commit of changes into the repository. Have a look in

Source tarballs are called 'drqueue_BRANCH-latest.tar.gz'.

Binary builds are called 'drqueue_BRANCH_OS_ARCH-latest.tar.gz' (just for development tests, compiled without Drqman). Don't use them for production.

Directly from the repository

DrQueue source code is stored on a Git repository. There are different branches available: 'master', '0.64.x', 0.63.x', ... .

The 0.64.x branch is the place where current development is done. The master branch is frequently synced with the current devlopment branch. Once another branch is started, the master branch will be synced to the new one.

So for example, to download (check out) latest sources of the master branch:

git clone

If you're running any particular branch (for example 0.64.x) you could then write:

git checkout -t remotes/origin/0.64.x

Or to download any particular version directly from the repo also:

git checkout -b 0.64.4c2