Basic Information / Feature List

  • Job priorities
  • Job dependencies
  • Slave pools
  • Custom, job independent, environment variables
  • Custom limits for jobs and slaves (jobs won't be executed on slaves that won't fit, and vice-versa)
  • Render single frames or blocks of frames
  • Estimate job finish time (using average frame time)
  • Script generators for Supported Renderers
  • Generic job type for any other renderer or script task
  • Email notifications
  • Command line binary tools for scripting job behavior (besides Python tools)
  • Requeue counter (with reset)
  • Master recovery from crashes, recover jobs where they were left
  • Watch log files in real time (frame,slave,job and master)
  • Per frame actions (requeue, kill, skip)
  • Host block list for every jobs (also with command line tool). So you could block hosts for a job on realtime from the same job script.
  • Computer hardware detection
  • Load average detection.
  • Load average limit (do not render on nodes already busy with other non-related tasks)
  • Minimum amount of memory needed for any job
  • Slave auto-enable at specific times (per computer)
  • runs on Supported platforms

Drqman, a GUI for DrQueue

  • Full control over you render farm and all aspects of DrQueue
  • Written in C++ and GTK+

Extensions for DrQueue

  • Python and Ruby bindings
  • DrKeewee web demo server written in Python
  • DrQueueOnRails web interface written in Ruby