DrQueue is a multi-platform, multi-renderer, fully scriptable, distributed render queue.

DrQueue is Free Software. Although we are selling services based on it (check the page support and development services) and also preparing a commercial version (equally Free and distributed under the same terms of the GPL).

About [[DrQueue] is probably the page you'd like to see A the general overview is located at the [wikiBasicTheory basic theory page]].

DrQueue development started April 25th 2001 and became Open Source Dec 8th 2003.

The term "Open Source" is used with exactly the same meaning as "Free Software" all over the site.

It has been developed and maintained by [[JorgeDaza|Jorge Daza Garcia-Blanes] but has received many code contributions and feedback from as many other people as listed in the [sourcetrunkCREDITS CREDITS file] (Note if you have contributed code and are not listed there first forgive my mistake and then please send [mailtojorge@drqueueorg me]] a mail to fix it right away.)