Basic Information / Directory structure

DrQueue main binaries rely on a simple directory structure composed of the following directories:

  • etc
  • tmp
  • logs
  • db
  • bin

Each of these directories will be used by one or more of the DrQueue components. The parent directory of all these ones will be the path that needs to be assigned to DRQUEUE_ROOT.


Directory etc will hold all script generator templates (files with extension and configuration files (files with extension .conf)

This directory will be accessed by master,*slave* and drqman


Directory tmp will hold job scripts generated by the script generator.

drqman will put generated job scripts in there, and slave will execute them.

Thus tmp needs to be readable and writable by everybody and accessible to all computers on the farm.


Directory logs will hold all log files generated by master and slave. Standard output and error of the jobs executed by the slave will also be stored in this directory.

Thus, this directory needs to be accessible for all computers on the farm and writable by everybody.


This directory will only hold the master database and thus will only be accessed by the master.


This directory will hold the binaries for different operating systems and the wrapper scripts. No program will modify any data stored here.