Developers / How to create DrQueue releases


  • close all tickets belonging to the version you want to release
  • if releasing new versions: merge the specific branch to the master branch


  • add titles of closed tickets to the top of Changelog file:
    * Changes since 0.64.3:
    fixed bugs:
    #33: MIPS processor support in computer_info.linux.h
    #34: memory leaks in SWIG interface files
    added features:
    #35: script generator functions: single image / animation rendering
    #50: Set a higher value of maximum number of jobs
  • commit Changelog:
    git add Changelog
    git commit -m "add list of closed tickets since 0.64.3 to Changelog" 
  • commit new version numbers in 'libdrqueue/common.h':
    #define VERSION_MAJOR  0
    #define VERSION_MINOR  64
    #define VERSION_PATCH  4
    #define VERSION_POST   0
    #define VERSION_PRE    0
  • add a tag:
    git tag -a 0.64.4c2 -m "second release candidate for version 0.64.4" 
  • push sources and tags to remote repositories:
    git push drqueue-git master
    git push --tags drqueue-git master
    git push gitorious master
    git push --tags gitorious master
  • create a release tarball:
    git archive --format=tar --prefix=DrQueue-0.64.4c2/ HEAD | gzip >../drqueue.0.64.4c2.tgz

Make the release available to everybody

Inform about the new release