Contribute to DrQueue


It is for us one of the most valuable pieces of information for a successful stable release and keeping our user-base most satisfied with the product.

Feedback includes bug reports, comments, forum participation, desired features, issues regarding work flow, ease of use, suggestions or just anything else you think we should, or might be interested in knowing about your experience.

If you'd like your feedback you be treated privately, feel free to send your emails to .


DrQueue will gladly receive your money contributions to help sustaining and improving the software. Please use the button "Make a Donation" on the upper-right corner of your browser.

We will provide with a "customer account" to all our donors.


If you found a bug and fixed it yourself, please, send us your patch file to . We'll try to merge it with our latest development versions ASAP so everybody would benefit from that.

Any other patch or derivative work, including ports, distribution specific needs (Ubuntu,Debian,Mandriva,Gentoo,Red-Hat,SuSE,etc.) will also be gladly merged (if no conflicts arise).


If you can code C or Python and you'd like to add some features in drqueue, feel free to use SVN server and come talk with us on #drqueue freenode channel ( You also have the developers mailing list to join and the developers forum.

You can find more info at the DevelopersCorner.

Furthermore, some tools to use with drqueue, as script for your favorite render program to submit drqueue jobs for exemple, will be much appreciate and take their place in the contrib/ folder of drqueue installation.


Current wiki documentation is not up-to-date or correct due to the high number of combinations (platform/3d package/operating system) and dependent instructions needed.

Feel free to register and modify/update/correct/add any documentation page you find to be wrong,incomplete or missing.

Your contributions to keep the documentation up-to-date are more than welcome.