Developers / Continuous builds with Bitten

  • NOTE: This information is outdated, because we don't use Trac anymore!
  • we use Bitten for creating builds automatically from SVN
  • the build status can be viewed at ""Build Status"":
  • built packages are placed at BR</a>

Build slave setup

  • install Bitten:
  • create a new user called for example 'buildslave'
    useradd buildslave
  • create a directory 'workdir' in the home directory of that user
    mkdir /home/buildslave/workdir
    chown buildslave /home/buildslave/workdir
  • start the Bitten slave daemon:
    su -c "cd; bitten-slave -d workdir -k -i 600 -q -l bitten.log" buildslave