Compiling / Compilation Notes

Note: These instructions refer to version 0.64.x

So you have the sources and want to compile...

Make sure you have all dependencies installed also for your platform. (development libraries, etc...).

DrQueue uses SCons for building and installing the main tools, and the python setuptools module for the python bindings.


  • make sure that /bin/sh points to /bin/bash


Edit the file "scons.conf" and point PREFIX to your default install location. The resulting path would be "$PREFIX/drqueue". The default value is /usr/local.

$ scons 
... compiling ...


You need superuser privileges for this.

$ sudo scons install

Alternatively you can set the PREFIX value on the command line:

$ sudo scons PREFIX=/opt install


To clean built binaries:

$ scons -c

To remove installed files:

$ sudo scons install -c