Developers / Main Components

DrQueue depends on several components, some of which are provided by itself while some others aren't.

Following you'll find the list of components provided and not provided by itself. In the page CodeComponentRelations you'll find information about how they do relate to each other.

DrQueue provided




  • drqman (gui)
  • sendjob
  • python scripts (todo: place pointer to python wiki page)
  • many other minor binary tools (cjob,

Not-provided by DrQueue

DrQueue relies on every system resource it can in order to avoid 'reinventing the wheel'. That includes:

  • network filesystems (nfs,samba,appletalk or any other available for you)
    • category ExternalData depends most probably on these resources on your setup.
  • base system tools (shells like bash or tcsh and many other command line utilities)
  • if you use python, then a python installation