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What is DrQueue?

DrQueue is a powerful open source distributed render farm manager, used for a range of applications across the visual effects industry and for general batch processing jobs in science, engineering and finance. DrQueue is licensed under GNU GPL Version 3.

Contribute in various ways

DrQueue needs your support and feedback. Check out how you could contribute.


Various information about basic theory about DrQueue, compiling and installing is provided.

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DrQueue offers variety of support options including Professional Support and Development Services as well as freegratis community based support.

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Other basic DrQueue provided support tools include:

Some of our users

Here you're find a list of some Companies/Institutions using DrQueue as their render/job dispatcher, as well as some of the productions already finished or in production that also ran over DrQueue.

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Download DrQueue Source

Tarball download

Different versions and packages ready to be downloaded: http://www.drqueue.org/files/1-Sources_all_platforms/

Git clone

git clone https://ssl.drqueue.org/git/drqueue.git