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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
193FeatureNewNormaladd support for Synfig Studio12/23/2011 10:09 am
165FeatureNewNormaladd link to user profile on cloud control page12/28/2010 01:41 am
164FeatureIn progressNormaladd link to download a single frame image01/18/2011 12:05 am
156FeatureNewNormalSwitch from processes to threads10/25/2010 05:33 pm
150FeatureNewNormalTrue daemon mode on Unix09/30/2010 08:50 am
148FeatureNewNormalParsing the logs to enrich the state information09/28/2010 08:44 am
147FeatureNewNormalRender a set of frames09/28/2010 08:43 am
127FeatureNewNormalSupport the mingw compilerAlistair Leslie-Hughes08/10/2010 01:52 pm
109FeatureNewNormalAdd functionality to backup database08/30/2010 01:41 am
100FeatureNewNormalAdd support for Active Directory for authentication in DrQueueOnRailsAndreas Schröder11/30/2010 11:06 pm
94FeatureIn progressNormalslave should set user ID to owner when running tasksAndreas Schröder12/22/2010 04:16 am
88FeatureNewNormalAdd information about Drqman and screenshots to main website01/04/2010 10:54 pm
87FeatureNewNormalAdd prefix to binary filenamesRedmine Admin09/20/2010 12:04 am
78FeatureNewNormalAdd support for Maxwell RenderRedmine Admin11/30/2010 11:09 pm
74FeatureNewNormalAdd support for V-Ray standalone renderer in DrqmanRedmine Admin11/30/2010 11:08 pm
72FeatureIn progressNormalMake a complete walkthru for setting up a renderfarmRedmine Admin01/18/2009 01:10 am
70FeatureNewNormalComplete DrQueue FAQRedmine Admin08/01/2009 12:57 am
66FeatureIn progressNormalGetText support for drqmanRedmine Admin08/30/2010 01:40 am
60FeatureNewNormalPrepare demo installation of DrQueueOnRailsRedmine Admin08/01/2009 12:58 am
56FeatureNewNormalInstall a shop software for distributing precompiled binaries with installersRedmine Admin08/01/2009 12:58 am
55FeatureNewNormalPrepare Linux binaries for common Linux distributionsRedmine Admin08/01/2009 12:58 am
54FeatureNewNormalLinux shell installer for the binary distributionRedmine Admin08/01/2009 12:58 am
53FeatureIn progressNormaladd support for Indigo RendererAndreas Schröder11/30/2010 11:08 pm
52FeatureIn progressNormaladd support for LuxRenderAndreas Schröder11/30/2010 11:04 pm
46FeatureNewNormalsupport for Cinema4D's Tile CameraAndreas Schröder11/30/2010 11:09 pm

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