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33BugFixedNormalMIPS processor support in computer_info.linux.hAndreas Schröder10/24/2007 11:35 am
34BugFixedHighmemory leaks in SWIG interface filesRedmine Admin02/23/2010 11:11 pm
42BugFixedNormalpreview images in DrQueueOnRailsAndreas Schröder05/09/2010 03:14 pm
43BugFixedHighShared memory leak in python bindingsRedmine Admin02/23/2010 11:08 pm
51BugFixedHighopened file leak in request.c: request_job_frame_infoRedmine Admin06/30/2008 05:49 pm
57BugFixedNormal'scon install' installs to /usr/local/usr/local/drqueue/Redmine Admin07/20/2008 08:18 pm
58BugFixedNormallegacy pagination is not compatibe with Rails 2.xAndreas Schröder07/24/2008 10:47 pm
59BugFixedLowAdd drqman support for luxrenderRedmine Admin09/27/2008 04:02 pm
61BugFixedNormalAdd a configuraton option to select which renderers are available on the renderfarmAndreas Schröder08/26/2008 11:26 pm
62BugFixedNormalAdd support for V-Ray standalone rendererAndreas Schröder05/09/2010 03:12 pm
63BugFixedNormalbug in libdrqueue/communications.cAndreas Schröder08/26/2008 07:33 pm
64BugFixedNormalsupport RubyOnRails production modeAndreas Schröder10/12/2008 11:29 pm
65BugFixedNormalSupport LDAP schemes with no mail attributeAndreas Schröder08/26/2008 10:39 pm
67BugFixedNormalscons fails to install whole directory structureAndreas Schröder09/27/2008 07:22 pm
77BugFixedNormalget_loadavg on macosxAndreas Schröder05/26/2009 12:45 am
79BugFixedHighstrange handling of Maya stills / animationsRedmine Admin05/26/2009 12:38 am
82BugFixedNormalA few updates on the python bindings pleaseAndreas Schröder05/24/2010 08:30 pm
83BugFixedUrgent0.64.x Broken Build (and Solution)Redmine Admin12/05/2009 02:06 pm
84BugFixedNormalcompinfo leaks memoryRedmine Admin12/29/2009 07:42 pm
85BugFixedNormalDrqman leaks shared memoryRedmine Admin12/30/2009 01:28 am
86BugFixedNormalDrQueue Ruby bindungs fail to compile because of internal changesAndreas Schröder01/02/2010 02:16 pm
89BugFixedNormalFix SCons deprecation warnings in SConstructRedmine Admin02/23/2010 09:37 pm
90BugFixedNormalslave's pools are not set on startupRedmine Admin02/23/2010 09:59 pm
91BugFixedNormalslave -c option does not workRedmine Admin02/23/2010 10:10 pm
92BugFixedNormalAdd option in DrQueueOnRails for slave information cacheAndreas Schröder02/02/2010 11:44 pm

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