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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
278DrQueueTaskNewNormalInstallation of DrQueue 0.64.4, miss git_rev.h file12/12/2014 11:04 am
277DrQueueOnRailsBugNewNormalHow to DrQueueOnRails support submit *.max file(3dsmax file) ?Andreas Schröder04/01/2014 06:49 am
276DrQueueCloudControlTaskNewNormalevaluate new g2.2xlarge VM type for Cycles GPU rendering11/09/2013 11:33 am
275DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalProvide Puppet module for installing master, storage and slaves10/10/2013 11:49 pm
273DrQueueCloudControlTaskNewNormalput VPN client files directly in user-data03/06/2013 07:41 am
272DrQueueCloudControlTaskNewNormalmake vpn connections optional03/03/2013 11:32 am
271DrQueueCloudControlTaskNewNormalstore owner and pool membership data as tags on VMs 03/03/2013 01:37 am
270DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalShow all job attributes on "drqueue job list"02/17/2013 07:37 pm
266DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalEnable MongoDB safe writes11/06/2012 08:44 am
263DrQueueCloudControlBugNewNormalamazon-aws doesn't support m1.medium machine type07/22/2012 12:06 pm
258DrQueueOnRailsTaskNewNormalSort jobs by date06/07/2012 10:32 pm
257DrQueueOnRailsTaskNewNormalAdd pagination for MongoDB backend06/07/2012 10:29 pm
255DrQueueOnRailsBugNewNormal"requeued" column is empty on job details page06/04/2012 11:19 pm
238DrQueueIPythonSupportNewNormalDocumentation regarding starting ipcontroller and ipengine03/21/2012 10:21 pm
193DrQueueFeatureNewNormaladd support for Synfig Studio12/23/2011 10:09 am
192DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalCreate simple and logical naming scheme for functions12/05/2011 01:52 am
191DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalShow status output after starting master/slave startup scripts12/04/2011 09:34 pm
188DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalAdd job priorities10/16/2011 07:36 pm
178DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormalGather information about computers while they are working on tasksAndreas Schröder09/30/2011 08:48 am
176DrQueueIPythonTaskNewNormaluse IPython's configuration system for DrQueue settings10/08/2011 03:11 pm
166DrQueueBugFeedbackLowReduce the reuse of job IDs03/29/2011 04:45 am
165DrQueueOnRailsFeatureNewNormaladd link to user profile on cloud control page12/28/2010 01:41 am
164DrQueueOnRailsFeatureIn progressNormaladd link to download a single frame image01/18/2011 12:05 am
163DrQueueOnRailsBugNewNormalcheck range of start and end frame in job creation form12/21/2010 10:46 pm
162DrQueueOnRailsTaskNewNormalAdd config option for receiving emails after job completion12/06/2010 01:50 am

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